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How to Win in the Aviator Game

The Aviator game is a popular crash casino game that gamblers enjoy playing for more significant profits. However, while some players make a good income from their wins in Aviator, for some others, they have got more losses than wins playing the plane crash game. So, an Aviator game strategy is crucial for anyone serious about winning big playing the Aviator game on various gambling platforms. A simple change in Aviator strategy can turn a serial loser into a winning casino gambler. Read until the end to find the right Aviator strategy you need.

What is the Best Aviator Strategy?

No one Aviator game strategy beats all others at all times. However, a fundamental principle is consistent among gamblers who end up with profits while playing the Aviator game online. The key principle is discipline.

If a gambler would not take serial losses at an online casino, s/he must be able to make clear-headed decisions when betting. Rushing to place bets can give a win or two, but most of the time, it leads to losses in the long term. When playing Aviator, try not to be moved by emotions, but stick to your betting system until it works.

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Automated Betting in Aviator Game

Automated betting makes the Aviator game much more effortless and increases gamblers’ chances of playing calmly and winning. Crash games are fast-paced, as a round is completed within seconds. A gambler in a crash game like the Aviator game cannot always trust him- or herself to make the right decision at the exact time s/he was supposed, because of how fast the games could be. This is how automated betting in crash games came about.

An automated bet completes some action for you. You only need to set the instructions before the round starts. In the Aviator game, there are two computerised bets available – Auto bet and Auto cash-out. They both have different functions and are explained below.

Auto Bet in Aviator Game

Auto Bet is an automated instruction that tells the machine to place the bet for you. You can set the amount yourself, but once the round starts, you need not have manually selected the Bet button. While the auto bet feature is running, the amount you set for the machine automatically enters the game as a bet. You would then have to monitor the game to decide when you want to cash out.

To access the auto bet function, navigate to the Auto menu on the Bet panel and activate the auto bet function from there.

Auto cash-out in Aviator Game

Auto cash-out is the other automated function in the Aviator Game. Auto cash-out works just like Auto Bet, except it automates the cash-out process instead. When you enter a bet in the Aviator game, you have to cash out your bet while the plane rises and before it crashes. If you use the auto cash-out function, you can set the parameters it should follow. Such that when the aircraft reaches a particular point, it makes the cash-out for you.

With this feature, you don’t have to be worried about emotional betting because the machine does the work for you and executes your cash-out once the plane reaches the odds you had set before the round.

The Auto cash-out feature is also located in the Auto menu on the Bets panel. You can toggle it on and off from that panel.

Aviator Strategy for One Bet

Aviator Casino Best Game StrategyWhen playing in the Aviator game, you are given a choice of either placing one bet or using two bets. Two bets might be more profitable sometimes, but for bettors just starting in the Aviator game, you should use only bet for your first set of games. This would help you make better decisions once the plane begins flying because you monitor only one bet in each round.

The total deposit should determine the amount you place on each bet. Players who profit use a simple Aviator strategy of playing many game rounds to balance their wins and losses. The standard advice given to newbies is to play bets at a rate that can allow them to play 100 to 200 rounds of the Aviator game. So you simply calculate the amount you would place on each bet based on the total deposit you made.

We recommend these tactics for playing the Aviator game with one bet as a beginner.

Minimum Risk Tactics for Playing Aviator game

This Aviator strategy prioritises playing a safe game and boosting your portfolio with small wins. Here, you place your bets in small amounts and target low coefficients when playing. The target multiplier range here is between x1.20 and x1.21. The profit on each bet would be small, but that is the goal. Targeting such low multipliers with small amounts means that your losses will be small. At this stage, your focus is on increasing the worth of your portfolio in small bits. When you have a little more cash in your portfolio, you can target making riskier bets.

It is best to execute this Aviator strategy using Auto Bet and Auto Cash-out. This way, you would use less energy, and there is less room for errors.

Moderate Risk Tactics for Playing Aviator game

This Aviator strategy involves a lot more risk than the previous one. Only players who have a weighty portfolio should try this strategy. So you don’t lose it all. In this strategy, you aim for as high as two or three odds. In every round, there is a 40-42% chance that the odds would land in this range. You can try your luck and target a big win using this technique. You might also have better odds of hitting it if there hasn’t been a huge multiplier after a while.

Risky Tactics for Quick Money in the Aviator game

This Aviator game strategy has the potential for massive profits, but it’s also a high-risk tactic. Every hour or hour and a half, a 100x bet comes around. Once you spot one, you could wait an hour later and start placing your bets, waiting to meet the other one when it comes.

Aviator Strategy for Two Simultaneous Bets

Aviator online game strategyThis Aviator game strategy is for when you have increased the size of your portfolio or have become more familiar with the game process. You’re placing two bets here, so you need to be more attentive and cautious when playing.

Our advice is to use the minimum risk strategy on one bet, targeting 1.2x odds. For this one, you should use auto bet and auto cash-out so that you can have an adequate focus on the other bet. For the second bet, you should then use the moderate risk Aviator strategy because you are targeting higher odds on this bet. Mixing these two strategies would reduce your losses while playing and give you a higher probability to win in Aviator.

Aviator Game RTP and Volatility

Aviator’s RTP is calculated at 97%. This is relatively high when considering regular casino games, but is expected for a plane crash game. Such a high RTP gives players an excellent chance to win in Aviator. The volatility of the Aviator Game ranges from low to medium.

The Aviator Game is rewarding, and with discipline and the right Aviator strategy, you could have a big win in Aviator soon.

Other Tips in Aviator Game

Aside from the tactics discussed, there are other essential tips from the Aviator game strategy that experienced gamblers have used to win in Aviator and other crash games. We highlighted some crucial tips to note when playing plane games online.

Auto-withdraw or Manual Withdraw

These two options work differently for diverse gamblers. Some bettors prefer to use the manual function, while some prefer the automatic feature. When selecting one, consider your Aviator game strategy and your style of play.

An auto-withdraw function is a perfect option for when you are targeting minimum profit from every round in the Aviator game. You can just set it to withdraw at low odds and watch the game.

If you are the type that is waiting for the big win rounds, you would prefer to use the manual withdrawal tool. With this tool, your winnings can go as high as the plane goes.

Play Volatile and Cash Out as Soon as Possible

Play Aviator Money GameThis is a risky Aviator strategy to work with, but it could be highly rewarding. If you study the live statistics, you ‌notice that there are massive odds in a game round in the Aviator game at different points. You could target hitting such big breaks, leave once you win it, and come back when you are ready to take the risk again.

Another option in this Aviator game strategy is to place a huge bet on a single round, then exit the game quickly at low odds. You could leave at 1.2x odds while the plane is just taking off. This technique is not entirely foolproof because, in some instances, the plane could crash at a low price too, but the odds of that happening are relatively low.

Applying the Martingale to Aviator game

The Martingale strategy is common amongst roulette gamblers, but it can work as an excellent Aviator game strategy too. In this technique, you start out playing from an amount, and you keep increasing your betting amount till you hit a winning round. Instead of doubling up your deposit, you bet again with the initial amount you started with till you hit a winning round again. Then the cycle goes on and on till you are satisfied with your games for the day. This way, you can control your losses to accommodate your wins while gambling in the Aviator game.

Observe Live Bets and Live Statistics

Experienced players constantly monitor the live bets and statistics panel. This is the little material bettors have to predict the possible outcomes of the game. Before you start Aviator gaming, it is essential that you examine the live stats panel first.


The Aviator game is fast-paced and gives gamblers a good chance to win or lose. With the right Aviator game strategy, you can increase your chances of winning. No strategy given here is perfect. Once you get the hang of the game, you can modify your technique to create the Aviator strategy that works best for your style of play and expectations from the Aviator game.