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Play Betwinner Casino Aviator Game for Real Money

How to play crash games? This question is relevant for every player who wants to understand how to win more often. Let’s look at the example of the most popular game on the site – Aviator.
The principle of the game is very simple: You have to place a bet and have time to withdraw your winnings before the plane crashes. But don’t rush to think it’s very easy. The mechanics of the game are as simple and random as possible. No one knows the moment the plane crashes or leaves the field. Therefore, the chances of losing are the same as the chances of winning. Everything depends on your reaction, courage, and fortune.
At the same time, there are some skills that will help you to succeed in the game Aviator. We will try to tell you how the game works and give you some tips.

What is Betwinner Aviator Game?

Betwinner Casino Aviator GameThe game is a 2D graph reflecting the trajectory of the plane. The height is a multiplier of your bet. That is, the higher the plane took off at the moment of your exit from the game, the higher your winnings.
Also, to the left of the main field, you can see the statistics of the current round, who and how much bet, as well as with what multiplier and winnings he finished the round. Here you can also see the statistics of your previous bets, as well as a list of players with maximum winnings.
Do not forget about Live chat, which is available in the paid version. Here you can chat with other participants, ask questions, or just tell everyone about your wins.

How to Make a Bet in Aviator Betwinner

A beginner is always interested in how to make the first bet. It is enough to specify the amount from 10 cents to 100 dollars, confirm the bet and wait for the start of the round. Keep in mind that the maximum possible winnings are $10,000 and no more.
At the same time, you can benefit from the demo mode and play for virtual money. This is a great opportunity to understand how the game works, try different strategies and tactics without risk.
For seasoned gamblers, the auto game mode is available. It helps you to make the same bet several times in a row. You just need to set the desired number of repetitions and the system will do everything for you.

Aviator Strategies and Tactics

Betwinner Casino Aviator Online GameThe main rule – do not be afraid to take risks. Remember that the game is completely random, so even the craziest bet can bring you a huge win.
The second rule – do not chase after someone else’s luck. It often happens that a player observes how someone makes a series of winning bets and begins to copy it. But this is not the way to success, because luck can turn away from the player at any time.
And the third rule – do not be afraid to leave the game in time. The main goal of the game is to withdraw money before the plane crashes. Therefore, if you have already won a good sum, it makes sense to stop and not risk everything.
Following these simple rules, you can significantly increase your chances of winning in the game Betwinner Aviator. But remember that the main thing is not to be afraid to take risks and have fun. Try different strategies, experiment, and you will definitely find your own way to success.

About author

Michael Davis, Aviator Expert

My name is Michael Davis, and I am deeply immersed in the world of casino gaming, with a special fondness for the Aviator crash game. My journey in this field has been a blend of intensive research and hands-on experience, molding me into a seasoned analyst and strategist for this thrilling game. Through my articles and insights, I strive to enlighten and advise both players and the wider casino gaming community. When I'm not penning down my thoughts or analyzing trends, you'll often find me engaged in playing Aviator, continually honing my strategies and expanding my proficiency in the dynamic world of casino gaming.